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Thread: Where for Maintenance Work?

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    Where for Maintenance Work?


    We have been getting the 'Stang maintained at the Vista Ford, and it's been very good. But I'm just wondering if the club has ideas about where else might be good sometime. it's unlike me to take a car always to the dealer, as sometimes they charge more for services than indies.

    We have one of those long-term warranty contracts as well, and anywhere I take the car, I wouldn't want to do anything that might violate the contract.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with the car at this time. This is general information for me. (I just seem to do regular maintenance such as tires, oil, other fluids...)

    There is 41,000 on the 2011 5.0.

    Thank you for any information you have.


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    Hi Jenna,
    We take both of our Mustangs and Explorer to Vista as well. There are plenty of other options when trying to save money, including oil changes, etc. But, we've come to trust Brian Leonard (our service writer) and the service manager - Paul. Although they charge might charge a bit more for an oil change, etc. I feel more comfortable having my car in their state-of-the-art shop to be worked on than a smaller, lower cost facility. The Cobra and Explorer warranties have expired, but because of the relationship we've built with Brian, I know he'll make sure our cars are taken care of. He has bent over backwards many times to help us, including one time I was stuck in Las Vegas. Brian personally called the Las Vegas dealer to discuss and resolve a warranty issue they had with my car... he didn't have to do that. Customer service and convenience are more important to us in the long run than saving some money.

    It's funny... other than performance shops, I'm not sure where else to go and haven't really considered it. Oil changes and other routine maintenance can be done by any reputable shop as long as they follow the guidelines within the maintenance book for the car. I don't like going to Jiffy Lube or other quick maintenance places. It's hard to say who works there and what, if any certifications they might have.

    Tires are different - I like America's Tire Co. in Camarillo. They have great service, knowledgeable techs, and will meet or beat any tire price you bring to them.

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    I've had good luck with Vista Ford of Oxnard also........Took our Bullitt there last year as the fuel pump went out.....I don't let them wash the car though because there just too many water spots left.....I deal with David Pat on service as my friend recommended him...
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    Precision Auto & Motoring Magic

    I take my 2006 GT to Jim and Joe at precision auto for routine maintenance in TO. They are upfront honest mechanics. For mods/upgrades I have been going to Scott and crew at Motoring Magin in TO. They specialize in Mini Coopers, but Scott works on old muscle cars and Shelbys. He did a great job on the suspension and brakes on my car. Since they work on Minis they have a lot of experience with supercharges as well.


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